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Wedding anniversary in Paris - Valentina and Henri


While browsing the blogs of photographers like Jasmine Star or Jose Villa who inspire me the most, I often read about how extraordinary their clients are and how they spent a fabulous time with them during the photo sessions. I have to say that, sometimes that must be true and these people must have been very nice, but I often wondered whether these photographers were sugar-coating their experience.

This was until I met Valentina and Henri on their first anniversary in Paris. They came all the away from New York City to celebrate their anniversary in the city of Love. And this is where everything became clear to me - after spending an afternoon in Paris with them, I can’t say anything but how Valentina and Henri are such fantastic people, generous, always jovial, cultured, refined, very attentive and in tune with each other’s feelings.

Paris Photographer Tim Moore taking pictures of Valentina (with her gorgeous red dress) and Henri in Paris walking under the Bir-Hakeim bridge 

It all started back in 2013 when they first met thanks to a couple of friends they had in common. They immediately got along, and the following night, Henri called Valentina for a date. They met in an outstanding restaurant in Beverly Hills, and after their first date, they quickly understood that they were meant to be together and soon enough, their relationship turned into a smooth ride filled with love.

After a year or so, Henri decided that it was time to move their relationship to the next level. He took Valentina by surprise when she got out of the shower: when she opened the bathroom’s door, she found out that he had put on a suit and got down on one knee to propose to her…and of course she said YES.


When I mentioned their sense of adventure, I did mean it. Right after their wedding, Valentina and Henri went on a road trip starting with the visit of Sevilla where they enjoyed their stay in a fantastic suite at the palace Alfonso XIII. They made the last stop of their Spanish adventures in Madrid after spending a few days in the city of Córdoba where they visited the unique Mosque-Cathedral « Nuestra Señora de la Asunción ».

Did you think it was over? Well, that's not knowing them well enough! After a one-day stop in Istanbul (Gosh, I love that place so much!), they landed in Iran for a cultural and relaxing trip. They started by the city of Mashhad, visited every year by millions of pilgrims, and where Henri used to go when he was a kid. Valentina was excited to discover this unique city and told me she could feel how people where sincerely happy for them when they told them they just got married. They then decided to go to Teheran where their families are originally from and took the opportunity to meet everybody there and share in their joy before flying back home in New York.