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Paris Photographer Tim Moore gives his opinion about working with hairstyle and make-up artists in order to handle details for your paris photoshoot.


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Now that you have been through the HOW TO DRESS guide, you know how important details can be. And when it comes to mastering the art of details, some people prefer to use expert professionals to handle make-up and hairdressing. This is by no mean mandatory, but for a very special event of your lives, working with a professional hair and make-up artist can bring your photographs to the next level.

The choice of whether or not to work with professional artists for hair and make-up will depend on several parameters. The first of them is of course the nature of the event to be celebrated during your photo session. The more formal the event, the more recommended it is to use professionals.

But don't forget that after all, rules are also made to be broken and the most important question is of course what would be best for you at the time.

Credit: Gray Door Photography

Credit: Gray Door Photography

Onoria Jomir Beauty

Beyond being a talented and reliable artist, Onorina is also an extraordinary, kind, caring person. You can discover more about herself and her work on her website

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Trine Juel

Trine is a Danish hair and makeup artist based in Paris. Her talent and passion have brought her to work with many famous brands such as Dior, Cartier or Lanvin.