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How to dress

Paris Photographer Tim Moore has an extended knowledge of the city and is here to help you find out which are the best spots to take timeless photographs.


How to dress for your Paris Photo session

What to wear? This is one of the most common questions Tim receives before a photo session. The goal here is to anticipate the choice of outfits (and to have some time if a shopping session is required before the trip) and to be able to be the best version of yourselves of your special day in Paris. The attention paid to the choice of the outfits is one of the point that makes the difference between nice and extraordinary photos.

Tastes and colours are of course something very personal, but a few tips can be very useful to make sure you have a good time and that we create beautiful photographs together. This guide has been created just for you in order to inspire you and help you discover the different options available to you.



The most important thing you need to think about is Harmony. This is the key and we are talking here about the harmony of colors, materials and clothing styles. Do tend to dress on the same scale & try and compliment each other. Your choices should depend on your personality, your wished and the celebrated occasion.

You can find a few examples on the images below illustrating different clothing styles. You will notice in each case the presence of a real overall coherence allowing a harmonious rendering.

Paris Photographer Tim Moore sharing a couple of examples of Casual and Chic outfit to wear for a perfect photo session in Paris
Paris Photographer Tim Moore sharing a few examples of Formal and Elegant outfits to choose for a very special photoshoot in Paris.


  • Something with a little 'pop' always photographs well and helps you stand out, however dark colors are also very elegant.

  • Also, depending on your tastes, there’s no obligation to go for strong colors, something subtle can be very nice and completed with nice accessories.

  • Stay clear of heavy patterns. Long story short, they can be quite distractive on a photograph.

  • Finally whilst looking as stylish as possible it is of upmost importance to think about comfort. For example, if you plan to wear high heels during a long photo session, it could be useful to also bring a comfortable pair of shoes for the in-between moments. Also keep in mind that the weather can be quite cold in Paris during the winter period.

You will find below a few examples of photographs showing dresses and suits of different colors.

Paris Photographer - Different outfit colors and tones can be chosen to create the perfect photoshoot matching your personality.


Something very important is pay attention to details as they add a lot of who you are in the photographs. Remember that a photo session is a very special event organized to mark an important moment in your life. This is why everything must be impeccable down to the last detail.

Here are a few questions you could ask yourselves when preparing for your photo session in Paris:

  • Are the clothes you've chosen well fitting?

  • Is that shirt & dress perfectly ironed? Are the shoes polished?

  • Are the accessories fitting with your outfits?

  • Is my nail polish perfectly applied?



When choosing long photo sessions including more than 1 location, it is possible to go for several outfits. The goal here of course is to get more variety in your photographs. As an example, you could choose to have a part of your photo session wearing formal outfits whereas the other part would be more casual.

We will find a Parisian café and use its restrooms in order for you to change outfits during the photo session.