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Paris Photographer Tim Moore loves telling stories. You will find a few ones about travels or photo shoots he had the chance to go through in the blog section.

François' little family in Paris


Léonard and Auguste, two brothers respectively five and half years young and two and half years young (and we all know how much « halves » matter at these ages), were named after two famous artists. Léonard - Leonardo da Vinci famous for his masterpiece portrait of Mona Lisa, which can be admired at the Louvre Museum in Paris and is without a doubt the most known work of art in the world. Auguste - Auguste Renoir, french painter and leader of the Impressionist style, who created so many wonderful pieces of art (my favorite ones being the very famous « Luncheon of he boating party » and « Dance at Bougival »).

Auguste was amazed by the ducks that were peacefully parading in the lake and also very curious about the different statues in the park - he often asked his father François « doesn’t she look like granny ? » while pointing the statue of Mary Stuart, queen of scots or of the one of Queen Matlida of Flanders.

Léonard, meanwhile, took very seriously the task of pushing the small sailboat in the central fountain water with his wooden stick and kept running around trying to guess where the wind would take it.