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Eternal Flame - Morgan & Saab


Being a photographer in Paris is so enriching, and at so many levels. I get not only to tell stories in the most romantic city in the world, but also to meet incredible and unique people. I would like first to thank Valentina for introducing me to Morgan and Saab. I had such a great time with these two in Paris and felt I was traveling with them while they were telling me about all their adventures together around the globe.

When I was building the content of my post, I had the idea to get in touch with Sahar, one of Morgan and Saab's daughter and a talented business woman founder of the agency laChambre Public Relations. As we are talking here about a long and lasting love, I thought it could be interesting to tell the story from the point of view of someone who has known Morgan and Saab for a long time. Sahar was the right fit for the job and I am more than grateful that she kindly accepted to tell her feelings about their love story.


My parents often change the story to lead us, their four daughters, to think they didn’t fall in love so young...but they did. I am not sure why they try to tell us it was when they were older. I find it so beautiful to know that young love is the love they share, even now.

This is a love story that started in Tehran, Iran and made it’s way to Los Angeles, California. He was 15 and she was 13.

It started they day my father was moving into his new house with his family, which happened to be right next door to my moms. He very vividly remembers pulling into the driveway and seeing her standing on the stairs in front of her house. For my dad, it was love at first sight. He tried for months to get her attention and when he finally did they made secret arrangements to see each other at the ice skating rink. My mother was 13 back then, too young by nearly every ones standards to like a boy. My dad would wait at the ice skating rink with his brother and friends. Morgan would arrive and they would just smile at each other from across the way. Sometimes, they wouldn’t even speak. These little meetings would happen every now and then - ultimately, Saab was sent to a boarding school in Switzerland. It was heart breaking for them both.

My parents wrote letters to each other nearly everyday. The very first letter that arrived for my mom was an empty envelope. The note was written in tiny text on the interior of the envelope so that if Morgan’s father opened it – he wouldn’t see it. So clever!
After that it got easier and the mail flowed from Tehran to Villars and back. They still have all the letters. Often times my mother says she could wallpaper an entire room with their letters.

When my father was accepted to University in the states, he couldn’t refuse and begged my mother to apply in the US as well. Specifically to Chico State in Northern California. She did exactly that – except she chose to go to University of California Davis. They were married the year after that where they returned to Tehran for the first time, and the last time. That was 1979.

My parents are best friends and the best partners. Individually they are strong, smart and compassionate. Together, they stronger, smarter and more loving than ever. They love each other so incredibly much. They are kind with one another, they are patient. They laugh with one another each and every day. Watching them while growing up was a privilege. To see the love they share made me dream of the same love, the fairytale that I truly believe they found with one another.

Their story is one of love. I think you can see it in their eyes when they talk to each other, when they look at each other and when they hold each other. It is beautiful. Immensely beautiful.

Morgan and Saab have been together for decades and decided to have a very special photo shoot in Paris with Tim Moore.
Paris Photographer Tim Moore had a lot of fun working with Morgan and Saab during their photo shoot in front of the Eiffel Tower
Enjoying a view of the Seine River from one of the most impressive bridge in Paris during a couple photo shoot with Tim Moore.
Paris Photographer Tim Moore capturing unique moments of love
A Paris photo shoot is always a great opportunity to wander in the streets of Paris and discover it's little secrets
Paris is always a good idea to have a romantic walk together. Make it memorable with a unique Paris photo shoot
A very cute couple kissing in front of the Eiffel Tower to celebrate their eternal love
A Paris photo shoot is always a wonderful moment and is definitely the opportunity to have fun in Paris.