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Paris after the rain


After a few days of real spring, the weather in Paris went completely crazy: we actually went through a very wet week. It didn't stop raining for the whole week (day and night - it actually didn't rain so much in Paris since 1960) and, as you may already know, this had consequences. In Paris, the flood level fo the Seine River reached 6.10 meters, the highest one since the 8.68 record reached in 1910.

I would first like to express my support and sympathy to the people who were sadly affected by this flood in villages or cities in France and Europe in general. The french government has already started to put in place measures to help them and we all hope the problems will be solved very quickly and efficiently.

In Paris, the much higher level of the Seine's level attracted a lot of people. Everybody was trying to take pictures of this extraordinary event. While I was walking outside just after the rainy week (it's like summer in Paris right now), I felt that this very temporary event had a special impact: it brought parisian people together and lead them to rediscovering their own city. People stopped for a while and took the time to actually watch the city they are living in. The huge amount of water that fell from the sky a few days before gave us a fresh look on Paris and serve to strengthen the feeling of luck we have to be part of the whole parisian adventure.

As a photographer based in Paris, i wanted to share with you some pictures of the river flood in Paris. It has already started to recede and everything should go back to normal in a few days.