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Family in Paris - Hasttie & Kam


What's more important than Family?

After meeting Hasttie, Kam and their two adorable daughters Mila and Sapphire, I told to myself that I definitely have to right an article about family. What's actually crazy is that I met a few weeks before Hasttie's parents, Morgan and Saab, for a photo session in Paris and I feel blessed I could meet three generations of their loving family.

Today is actually the third Sunday of June : Father's Day! Couldn't find a better day to post this article.

Family literally builds you up. Way more than school, it teaches you how to behave in this (wide and wild) world and gives you directions on how to make it a better place for everyone. Family gives you principles, teaches you what's good or bad, what's right or wrong, what's fair or unfair for yourself and for others. And most of all, family gives you Love (you know, that magic potion that makes you a confident and extraordinary person).

Talking about Love, your parents started to love you months before you were even born, and so did you with your kids if you are already a parent. And we are talking here about unconditional Love. But what about frictions in the family ? We all had a conflict at some point with a close member of our family, right? Well even though their might be frictions between you and your sister, father or daughter, I think that these "conflicts" can be seen as an opportunity. An opportunity to visualize our differences and accept that although we can never fully understand each other, nonetheless we accept and love each other.

I could witness all this family profound love during the morning I shared with Hasttie, Kam, Mila and Sapphire for their session in Paris. And the two little angels are sooo cute with their blue outfits! I Had a great time, and this even when I had to imitate the cooing of pigeons (I guess I can add this to my parisian photographer skill set) in order to catch Mila's attention while shooting at the end of the session.

Oh and about that question I asked at the beginning of the article, well I still couldn't find any answer.

Paris is a great city to have some family fun and book a photo shoot
Kam having fun with his daughters during a family photo shoot in Paris 
Paris Family photo shoot in front of the Eiffel Tower by Tim Moore
Paris family photo session - Father and daughter having fun in Paris while discovering the Eiffel Tower
Girls hugging and smiling during their Paris family photo shoot with Tim Moore
Portraits and having fun for these 2 sisters in Paris during their family photo shoot
Tim Moore capturing family moments during a great photo shoot in Paris
Climbing on dad's shoulders during the Paris photo session in a parc next to the Eiffel Tower
Family time in a little parisian street not far away from the Eiffel Tower. Great time during this photo shoot in Paris.