Paris photographer - Tim Moore


Paris Photographer Tim Moore advises you to choose the Tuileries Gardens as a Romantic Location for your photoshoot in Paris.


PARIS PHOTOSHOOT AT The tuileries gardens

Paris Photographer Tim Moore captures the love of this couple kissing on a bench at the Tuileries Gardens in Paris.

The Tuileries Gardens are located in the heart of Paris between the Louvre Museum and Place de la Concorde. In 1664, the king's famous gardener, André Le Nôtre, gave the place its current French-style garden appearance.

It is a place of stroll and culture for Parisians and tourists where the statues of Maillol rub shoulders with those of Rodin or Giacometti.

The place, rich in tree paths and vegetation, is particularly pleasant from spring to autumn. During the winter period, it is less suitable for beautiful shots of course.