Paris photographer - Tim Moore


Paris Photographer Tim Moore advises you to choose the Louvre as a Majestic Location for your photoshoot in Paris.



Paris Photographer Tim Moore with our lovely couple having the time of their lives at the Louvre Museum during their photo session in Paris.

The Louvre Museum grounds are a reference for architecture and Paris enthusiasts all around the world. The site consists of two courtyards, the most famous of which houses the famous glass pyramids installed in 1989 in the middle of this monumental palace (you actually have no idea how gigantic the palace is until you see it for real). The contrast between the classical architecture of the palace and the modernism of the pyramids makes it a place quick to surprise and amaze.

The place is so full of statues, columns, sculptures, doors, corridors, streetlights, that you could easily spend a day admiring all the details and fall more deeply in love with the Louvre. As an example, Tim remembers having a couple of architects as clients, who were captivated by the place right when they arrived, so much that Tim had to take their phones away from them for a while so they could focus on their photo session (don’t worry, they had plenty of time afterwards to capture each and every architectural detail on their phones).