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Paris Photographer Tim Moore loves telling stories. You will find a few ones about travels or photo shoots he had the chance to go through in the blog section.

The Surprise


A few months ago, my girlfriend Mina told me to make sure I didn't accept any photo session in Paris for January 20th and 21st. So I blocked these days in my calendar and, curious as I am, I tried to convince her to tell me exactly what was the plan. But of course she kept the secret and a few days before the D day, she told me to pack my stuff and to get my passport ready. Okay so at this point, my highly advanced investigation skills were telling me that we might be traveling abroad.

On our way to the airport (yes she told me we were heading to the airport), I still didn't know exactly what was our destination but I liked the idea of being surprised. Arrival at the airport, Check, Following her blindly without looking at the departure screens, Check, Airport security control ("could you please take all your lenses out of the bag?"), Check. We were only a few minutes before boarding in the plane and she finally told me where we were going: Florence, Italy! We already went to Florence a few years ago and we really enjoyed it very much so I was more than delighted to go back, take the time to wander and to live la Dolce Vita.

But that's not the end of the story, and those of you who saw my Instagram stories during that weekend already know what happened in Florence. Actually, there was a very specific reason why we were going to Florence. The surprise inside the Surprise was actually...wait for it...that she had tickets for the concert of an Italian singer we both love: Francesco Gabbani #BestSurpriseEver.
Actually, I have these little things I always do before a photo session, a sort of ritual. And the last one is Always to listen to one of the two songs you will find at the end of this post (when I meet my clients they will find me taking off my earphones to greet them). These songs and the vibes they bring are always able to put me in a positive and warm mood (even when it's freezing cold outside).

The concert was Fantastic, great performance and definitely worth traveling to Italy! Unfortunately I don't have any pictures of the show to share with you as I didn't have my camera with me during the evening. I have a few videos taken with my smartphone (and I actually did watch them a few times) but I will spare you the less than pleasing sound quality.

In any case, I hope you enjoy the ride through Florence and I look forward to meeting you somewhere around the world!


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