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Oasis in Paris


If your are currently organizing your trip to Paris (or already went through this adventure), then you know there is actually A LOT to see in this dense and rich city. Paris is full of stunning monuments and places, each one more famous than the other, and which are a delight for you to discover for the first time or to enjoy again and again. But Paris also offers lesser known wonders – the list is long trust me and I would like to walk you through a small oasis of exoticism in the middle of the latin quarter: the Grand Mosque of Paris.

The colors, the arches, the mosaics and the engravings make it a real piece of art filled with details and little surprises. A walk in its gardens with many plants and flowers (and even palm trees) will definitely transport you to the land of the Arabian Nights in the middle of Paris. I am so excited to share with you a few pictures I had the chance to take there while walking through the alleys of this monument.

Beyond the visit, the walls of the mosque also house a care institute for women, a tea house and an oriental restaurant with small outdoor courtyards, blue mosaic tables and a fountain which create a bucolic atmosphere.

If you have (or maybe already had) the chance to visit this Oasis in Paris, share your experience with us!

Paris is a city full of surprises. Yes this is actually in the center of Paris. Photo by Paris photographer Tim Moore.
Details on a very exotic door in the center of Paris. Picture by Paris Photographer Tim Moore.